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Born and raised in scenic Minnesota, I often set my novels here among the lakes, evergreens and river valleys. I especially enjoy the Dalles area of the St. Croix Valley, gateway to the Wild River, which draws many tourists who give me story ideas. I've also published children's stories and articles in national magazines.  I've published twenty-two romance and romantic suspense novels to date in both electronic and paperback editions.
I'm married and a member of two chapters of the Romance Writers of America, Northern Lights Writers and Kiss of Death. Circle of Shadows was a finalist in RWA's prestigious Golden Heart Contest.

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Club 100

One of my favorite writing tricks is Club 100. Club 100 is the brainchild of my friend, Avis Hester.
It means you write must write at least 100 new words on your manuscript in progress (MIP) for 100 writing days in a row, or start counting over with day one.
You make your own rules as to defining your writing days before you start. I like to use 5 calendar days in a week, with 2 floating days off. I put stickers on my calendar to keep track 'cause I find it's easy to forget which days I've written otherwise.
100 words doesn't sound like much, in fact, it's only a couple of paragraphs, or a few sentences. But it adds up. And what counts is getting started and staying in your story. Once you've started, you'll find you'll usually write much more than your 100 words. You start and hours later, you look up from your computer to find you've done xx pages! Or, if you're revising, you can count time spent instead of words written. You decide. But remember:
Only work on your manuscript counts, not e-mail or morning pages, or chatting on facebook of twitter or your blog.
And writing 1,000 words today can't count for the next 10 days! Each day must stand alone for its own 100 words. That's the only way to build the habit of writing.
Try it! It works!
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Out now: Earth in 2093
To spend a relaxing day at the

Majestic Falls Spa


(Located just one block west of the stoplight in Taylors Falls, MN. 55084

It's at 459 Government St., Taylors Falls, MN.

From 8, at the stoplight just west of the bridge across the St. Croix River, turn north on 95, then immediately turn left up the hill. You'll see the big white house beside the Old Jail. The Spa is on the second floor of the white house. Use outside steps on your left.

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Website: http://www.majesticfallsdayspa.com

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  Romance Writers of America
A futuristic novel set in Minnesota featuring Minnesota Detective Dave Barns and Computer specialist Nell Summers, grandaughter of Lacey Summers from my Lacey Summers, PI Series.
The year is 2093 and everyone's DNA is recorded in the World Database run by a now powerful United Nations. Crime is way down, since criminals are easily identified. Food is plentiful because water from the oceans is desalinated for irrigation of former deserts. Power is also plentiful and cheap, harnessed from the sun and wind.
But there are always a few people who resent governments of any kind and think they can do as they please. One is now raping and killing young women and Dave and Nell work to identify and stop him. But they find that easier said than done.
Paperback edition coming soon.
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Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jMJUsL

Other online bookstores: https://www.books2read.com/u/mV7l9P