Mirror Image by Edna Curry

Twins LaRae and Lauri were identical in looks and voices, but had very different interests and personalities. When they fell in love with the same man, Jass, they went separate ways. LaRae married him and had a daughter, Susie, now 5, while Laurie moved to California and has a successful modeling career. The twins die in a car accident and proceed to heaven where Emy, an angel, tells LaRae Susie is in danger and she must return to protect her. LaRae refuses and Laurie, playing their old switcheroo game, takes her place, pretending to be LaRae. 
But Laurie knows next to nothing about LaRae’s life back in Minnesota. She keeps intending to tell Jass the truth, but dreams of Emy reminding her Susie is in danger prevent her from doing that. Can she play the game long enough to protect Susie and win Jass’ love?

(Formerly published as Angel Wings by Class Act Books.)

Best Friends

She stood beside him, her perfume drifting into his breathing space. He couldn't avoid noticing her nearness. Awareness prickled along his skin, raising goose-bumps on his arms. He felt her watching him and lifted his eyes to meet hers. He read regret and raw need there, matching his own. Slowly he rose to his feet and stepped closer to her, holding her gaze with his own. When she didn't move away, he put his arms around her and molded her body to his. For a moment she stiffened, then softened and allowed her body to fit into the planes of his. They fit together exactly right, as they always had. It felt like coming home. Tipping his head, he kissed her, first in soft, testing nibbles, then hungrily. His pulse sped up and his heart thudded. He felt as though he'd been starving and now tasted his first food in weeks. She answered his kisses with as much need as his. For a long minute, he enjoyed the taste and feel of her, indulged the fantasies that had been driving him crazy since he first knew she was back. At last he lifted his head and looked down into her hazel eyes. She stared back at him, looking dazed and wondering. "God, Tami, I missed you!" he said, his voice coming out in a croak. "Why did we ever separate?" "I don't know," she answered, sounding desperate and frustrated. "I don't know." He stroked a finger lightly along one blonde brow, smoothing back the silky hairs. "The old magic is still there, isn't it?" "Yes," she said through kiss swollen lips, her voice trembling. "But then, I never did have the sense God gave a goose." Panic surged in his gut as he felt her stiffen in his arms. "What is that supposed to mean?" She pulled away. "It means, this is going nowhere, Cal." 

Secret Daddy by Edna Curry

After secretly donating sperm so his sterile identical twin brother, Don, can pretend to father a child, Dave Langer finds himself in a legal quandary. Don and his wife Jenny have died, and Jenny asked her sister to adopt the baby boy, Cory. Dave has no proof Cory is his. 
Cathy Kassig, illustrator, loves the baby but has money problems that Dave could solve if only she’d let him. Dave convinces her to come live near him and allow him to help her. Thus, he gets a second chance to at least be near and get to know his son. Only his son's new mother is wildly attractive—and falling in love was not on his agenda. 
When she learns he's the baby's father, she's afraid he and his rich family will take the baby away. Can they learn to trust each other and get along? 

Lost Memories by Edna Curry

Why would anyone want to kill someone as lovely as Jane Doe? She comes to in a cold, raging river, instinctively fighting for her life, with no idea how she got there or who she is. She needs to stay alive until she can get her memory and former life back, but has no idea who to trust. She falls in love with her rescuer, but is she free to commit?
Mel Jonner’s special forces training doesn’t prepare him for the dangers he faces after rescuing Jane, the woman he saw pushed into the bear trap beside the dam on the river outside his office. And nothing prepares him for falling in love with her, even though he was determined never to be responsible for anyone again. What will her past reveal? Will he lose her when she regains her memory and wants to return to her former life?
I'll Always Find You by Edna Curry

After the jewelry store where she works is robbed, a stalker makes Loni Jacobs life miserable and she’s sure it’s the robbers. She’s followed, gets threatening phone calls and her apartment building burns. She retreats to her hometown of Canton, Minnesota, hoping to be safe where she’s always been accepted and loved. She buys a gift shop and hopes for happiness, but will settle for security.
In Canton she meets Matt Bennes, former Special Forces and closet psychic, who saw too much violence in service and doesn’t want anyone to depend on him for safety. He’s an outsider, resigned to being a loner because he thinks no woman would put up with his gift, but is very attracted to Loni and senses she’s in danger. A protector, he can’t resist helping her. 
She falls in love with Matt, but who does she dare to trust to stay alive?
           Circle of Shadows by Edna Curry

After her father's death, Lili Adams finds he had sold her inheritance of their grocery store. Now, they discover someone is stealing from it and Lili is a suspect. She not only must learn to work with the attractive but irritating new owner, but she must prove her own innocence by discovering who is really the thief. (Published: 2000) RWA Golden Heart Finalist.
Widowed Lisa is overwhelmed by the demands of her deteriorating mansion and spoiled adult children who returned to the nest. A recurring nightmare and a quarrel with her children push her over the edge. She seeks refuge in her hometown where she meets high school sweetheart, Tracer Marsley, and they quickly renew their former romance.
But divorced Trace has problems too. He’s dealing with his spoiled daughter in college, his demanding ex-wife, and her doting but controlling parents. Their outrageous emphasis on opulence fuels Trace’s disdain for luxury and he goes to extremes of recycling and unnecessary economy
Then Lisa succeeds in selling the mansion and forcing her kids to stand on their own two feet. He can’t understand her pushing her kids away when he’s trying so hard to build a relationship with his daughter.
Can their fragile new love survive these stresses and flourish?

Wrong Memories by Edna Curry 

Lucy Johnson wakes up in a strange hospital in St. Paul with bruises and a concussion. Her last memories are of 1955, yet everyone tells her it’s 2015. A policeman questions her about the hit and run car accident, but she doesn’t remember. He thinks she’s playing a game. When he tells her everyone she remembers is dead, including her parents, she panics and takes a bus to Mankato see for herself. 
Dave Fuller sits next to her on the bus and is intrigued by her and very attracted, but afraid she’s a mental case like his cousin Cora, who people made fun of until she committed suicide. When Dave learns she’s taken a job at his mother’s restaurant, he’s determined to stay in touch to protect his mother. But he didn’t count on falling in love or of traveling a weird journey of discovery with her. 

These novels are part of my Minnesota Romance novel series. They are stand-alone novels that can be read in any order.

My Sister's Keeper

 Mystery novelist Candi Lewis finds herself in trouble when her sister, Jolene, leaves her baby with Candi with a note begging Candi to keep the baby safe from its father. Why Me, Lord? Jolene disappears. Candi needs to meet her deadline and doesn’t have time to bail Jolene out of trouble for the umpteenth time. 
FBI agent Luke Mazinger believes Jolene is part of a jewelry thief gang. Worse, Luke suspects Candi and her late father, Bart, are also part of the gang and he is determined to bring them down. Assigned to watch Candi, Luke finds himself falling for her, but never gets involved with a suspect, because he did on a past mission, the woman died and he still feels responsible even though he was cleared of blame for the woman’s death. 

Double Trouble by Edna Curry

Rosie, to please her dying mother, agreed to marry Ken Latham, the handsome, rich boss she doesn’t love, but who has been regularly proposing to her. She rationalizes that she’ll have a good life with him and true love is only a fairy tale anyway. But that promise of a good life turns into a nightmare when Ken is mugged, has amnesia and breaks their engagement.
Also, Rosie and Ken have to deal with their company’s CEO, Lester, who sends Kirk, Ken’s identical twin, to investigate possible embezzlement at their building supply store. And someone is trying to kill Ken and also harassing Rosie.
Can they survive long enough to build their attraction into love?

Hard Hat Man

Teacher Jan reluctantly gives up vacation time to accept the task of cleaning out her late uncle’s farmhouse. There she meets Kyle, who sat behind her in grade school and pulled her pigtails. Now he’s the hard hat man who will develop the farm into a mall, apartments and a pool. Her aunt's crying ghost warns her of danger.
Developer Kyle wants only to complete his project to keep his business afloat. But someone is trying to stop his project. Why? The farmer next door, lawyer, real estate agent, and a historian are all suspects and complicate things. Dead bodies, sabotage, burglary and fires threaten their love and their very lives.
They must work together and soon fall in love again. Can they solve the mystery?

Meet Me, Darling by Edna Curry

Large man is angry to learn Jolie is back. He should have killed her twenty years ago.
Graphics designer, Jolie meets Bart at work and they begin dating. He discovers her sleeping on the job and learns she has insomnia. Nightmares she’d had during childhood returned after she came to Minneapolis. On one date, a psychic lady stops and spouts poetry, warning her to guard her little girl from danger. The only little girls in Jolie’s life are her nieces, so she panics and drives her sister wild calling to ask if they are okay and telling her to protect them. 
Then the psychic tells the police where to find a dead woman and claims there’s a connection to Jolie. Complications and attempts on their lives continue as they fight the problems and fall in love. Can they solve the mystery, prove Jolie’s innocence before someone succeeds in killing them?

Traveling Bug​ by Edna Curry 

Set in 1983.

What REALLY happened behind the scenes when a computer virus crashed computers from coast to coast, hitting the headlines? Jeff helps his father solve a software pirating problem, but will he lose his heart as the price?

Tour guide Diane is thrilled to help Jeff lead a computer company's VIP group to Puerto Vallarta, but finds herself embroiled in way more than she bargained for as they try to solve this mystery.

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Romance and Mystery under the Northern Lights

A collection of short stories about life in Minnesota, Some are contemporary, some are set in the last century, but all are distinctly unique. 

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