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                    Never Love a Logger

A historical romance set against the background of the big log jam pictured below from the 1886 Taylors Falls, MN, log jam, the largest log jam Ever. It depicts life in the logging days with lots of detail about the lives of people during that time.

What happens when a rough and ready logger who wants no responsibility and thinks he doesn’t deserve a second chance at love falls for an attractive prim and proper lady with a ready made family?

Will and Carrie think there is no chance for them to have a family of their own.  Each has reasons to avoid love and entanglements.  Will is burned out on responsibility after helping his widowed mother raise his siblings. He turned away from God when his wife and infant son died.  Carrie thinks no man will want her and her brother.  She promised her father she’d raise her brother and while she’s attracted to Will, duty comes first.

Then the greatest logjam in the world throws them together for six weeks. Will is staying at the boarding house where she works while he and many others try to break up the logjam.

There are many more pictures of the log jam on the MN Historical Society's website and on the WI Historical Society's website as well.
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A collection of short stories about life in Minnesota, Some are contemporary, some are set in the last century, but all are distinctly unique.

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Never Love a Logger by Edna Curry

Meet Me, Darling by Edna Curry
Large man is angry to learn Jolie is back. He should have killed her twenty years ago.
Graphics designer, Jolie meets Bart at work and they begin dating. He discovers her sleeping on the job and learns she has insomnia. Nightmares she’d had during childhood returned after she came to Minneapolis. On one date, a psychic lady stops and spouts poetry, warning her to guard her little girl from danger. The only little girls in Jolie’s life are her nieces, so she panics and drives her sister wild calling to ask if they are okay and telling her to protect them.
Then the psychic tells the police where to find a dead woman and claims there’s a connection to Jolie. Complications and attempts on their lives continue as they fight the problems and fall in love. Can they solve the mystery, prove Jolie’s innocence before someone succeeds in killing them?

New book out now: Earth in 2093

A futuristic novel set in Minnesota featuring Detective Dave Barns and Computer specialist Nell Summers, grandaughter of Lacey Summers from my Lacey Summers, PI Series.
The year is 2093 and everyone's DNA is recorded in the World Database run by the now powerful United Nations. Crime is way down, since criminals know they are easily identified. Food is plentiful because water from the oceans is desalinated for irrigation of former deserts. Power is also plentiful and cheap, harnessed from the sun and wind.
But there are always a few people who resent governments of any kind and think they can do as they please. One is now raping and killing young women and Dave and Nell work to identify and stop him. But they find that easier said than done.

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Edna Curry lives in Minnesota and often sets her novels there among the lakes, evergreens and river valleys. She especially enjoys the Dalles area of the St. Croix Valley, gateway to the Wild River, which draws many tourists who give her story ideas. Besides non-fiction articles, she writes mystery, romance and romantic suspense novels.
Edna is married and is a member of the Romance Writers of America and two of its chapters: Kiss Of Death and Northern Lights Writers.
Circle of Shadows (half of Deadly Duos #1) was a finalist in RWA's prestigious Golden Heart Contest. She also does editing and proofreading as Fern Valentine.

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Earth in 2093, a futuristic novel.
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The Jam of all Jams
The story of the world’s largest logjam ever, that took place at Taylors Falls, Minnesota, in June, 1886.

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