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Double Trouble by Edna Curry

Rosie, to please her dying mother, agreed to marry Ken Latham, the handsome, rich boss she doesn’t love, but who has been regularly proposing to her. She rationalizes that she’ll have a good life with him and true love is only a fairy tale anyway. But that promise of a good life turns into a nightmare when Ken is mugged, has amnesia and breaks their engagement.
Also, Rosie and Ken have to deal with their company’s CEO, Lester, who sends Kirk, Ken’s identical twin, to investigate possible embezzlement at their building supply store. And someone is trying to kill Ken and also harassing Rosie.
Can they survive long enough to build their attraction into love?

Never Love a Logger 

A historical romance set against the background of the big log jam pictured below from the 1886 Taylors Falls, MN, log jam, the largest log jam Ever. It depicts life in the logging days with lots of detail about the lives of people during that time.

What happens when a rough and ready logger who wants no responsibility and thinks he doesn’t deserve a second chance at love falls for an attractive prim and proper lady with a ready made family?

Will and Carrie think there is no chance for them to have a family of their own.  Each has reasons to avoid love and entanglements.  Will is burned out on responsibility after helping his widowed mother raise his siblings. He turned away from God when his wife and infant son died.  Carrie thinks no man will want her and her brother.  She promised her father she’d raise her brother and while she’s attracted to Will, duty comes first. 

Then the greatest logjam in the world throws them together for six weeks. Will is staying at the boarding house where she works while he and many others try to break up the logjam.

There are many more pictures of the log jam on the MN Historical Society's website and on the WI Historical Society's website as well.

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After the jewelry store where she works is robbed, a stalker makes Loni Jacobs life miserable and she’s sure it’s the robbers. She’s followed, gets threatening phone calls and her apartment building burns. She retreats to her hometown of Canton, Minnesota, hoping to be safe where she’s always been accepted and loved. She buys a gift shop and hopes for happiness, but will settle for security.
In Canton she meets Matt Bennes, former Special Forces and closet psychic, who saw too much violence in service and doesn’t want anyone to depend on him for safety. He’s an outsider, resigned to being a loner because he thinks no woman would put up with his gift, but is very attracted to Loni and senses she’s in danger. A protector, he can’t resist helping her. 
She falls in love with Matt, but who does she dare to trust to stay alive?

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A collection of short stories about life in Minnesota, Some are contemporary, some are set in the last century, but all are distinctly unique. 

Edna Curry: Love, Fish, and Fangs

Edna Curry: Candlelight and Silverware

Denise Devine: Hot Shot

Lori Ness: In For a Penny

Lori Ness: Breath of God

LuAnn Nies: Shadow Trail

Shirley Olson: Heal My Heart

Diane Pearson: Counting the Days

Nancy Pirri: Night Magic 

Northern Lights Writers' Anthology
Romance and Mystery under the Northern Lights

At the left is the cover of articles I wrote about the 1886 log jam. They're still available at many places on the web such as: 

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Eccentric Lady by Edna Curry
A Lacey Summers P.I. Mystery Novel

Lacey’s new client, Patti, comes to her in a panic because her Aunt Agnes is missing. Patti calls Sheriff Ben stupid for refusing to investigate. Is Patti lying? The case gets more weird when Agnes’s body is found, her nasty nephew and brother and his girlfriend arrive, and Patti begins dating Agnes’ lawyer.
Though Ben and even her trucker fiance, Paul, want her to drop the case, Lacey continues searching for the truth. Someone else doesn’t want her snooping, either. When threats and intimidation don’t work, she’s kidnapped. Will she survive to solve this case?
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 Earth in 2093 

A futuristic novel set in Minnesota featuring Minnesota Detective Dave Barns and Computer specialist Nell Summers, grandaughter of Lacey Summers from my Lacey Summers, PI Series. 
The year is 2093 and everyone's DNA is recorded in the World Database run by a now powerful United Nations. Crime is way down, since criminals are easily identified. Food is plentiful because water from the oceans is desalinated for irrigation of former deserts. Power is also plentiful and cheap, harnessed from the sun and wind. 
But there are always a few people who resent governments of any kind and think they can do as they please. One is now raping and killing young women and Dave and Nell work to identify and stop him. But they find that easier said than done.

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Wrong Memories by Edna Curry

​Lucy Johnson wakes up in a strange hospital in St. Paul with bruises and a concussion. Her last memories are of 1955, yet everyone tells her it’s 2015. A policeman questions her about the hit and run car accident, but she doesn’t remember. He thinks she’s playing a game. When he tells her everyone she remembers is dead, including her parents, she panics and takes a bus to Mankato see for herself. 
Dave Fuller sits next to her on the bus and is intrigued by her and very attracted, but afraid she’s a mental case like his cousin Cora, who people made fun of until she committed suicide. When Dave learns she’s taken a job at his mother’s restaurant, he’s determined to stay in touch to protect his mother. But he didn’t count on falling in love or of traveling a weird journey of discovery with her. 


Minnesota Romances
Former Minneapolis Homicide Detective Chance Martin hopes for a quieter life, but he hasn’t found it. And his sweetheart, Cassie Jennings, isn’t helping matters. With her job as a locksmith, being in odd and scary situations is a daily routine.
And sometimes, a PIA customer just likes attention and calls her or 9-1-1 way too often. Like the boy who cried wolf, her constant complaining is often ignored. Until she’s right, but not believed, and one death follows another. 
Can they figure out who the killer is before he kills again?

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New novel out now in both ebook and paperback!

Girl Who Cried Wolf by Edna Curry
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